Smart software for Command Centers, Control Rooms and Trading Floors

A 360° secured connectivity on cloud/edge "mobile agent platform" embracing all devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, iOS, Android) and all channels (VoIP, RoIP, chat, video).

Nomad VoIP client on tablet, PC and smartphone

Agile mobile solution resilient to disasters like pandemic, terrorist and local breakdown.

Real time proactive support (device up/down, battery, localization, recording, call log…) as a foundation of unified communication maintenance.

Rich open API delivering raw data from all devices to monitor system deliveries vs service constraint.

Pay per user, scalable cloud platform with easy DevOps release management.

Dematerialized devices & recording.

Versatile usage of the Nomad PC application for all type of control room users.

Command and Control

  • Rail, air and road transportation
  • Energy and utilities
  • Major events venues
  • Campus security (buildings and estates)

Awesome user experience on PC and mobile


The Nomad platform can be deployed on premises or in your public cloud tenancy without security compromise, it provides easy and cost-effective management. It is available on PC for traditional command and control activities and also through mobile app with the same user experience.

  • Standard Telephony with IP-PBX (CUCM, Avaya, Asterisk…) and cloud-based VoIP (Teams, Zoom)
  • 20 speakers channels for voice and video calls
  • Multiple simultaneous Audio device management
  • Native multi-platform unified code
  • Voice recording with all major voice recorders and cloud based recorders
  • Security integrated to your domain or your Microsoft 365 accounts
  • Rich API allowing to integrate with your business and workflow in many areas
  • Command solution
    • Radio DMR/UHF/VHF
    • SMS/radio messages
    • Security video feed
    • Field agent localization

Alphacom Solution is member of the DMR association.



Simplify human and machine mission critical communication everywhere with a pay per use distributed platform (Phone/Radio/mobile/IOT…).


Improve operational, financial & IT decisions with scalable data and communication insights in Cloud and Edge computing.